Cool ideas to make a wedding ceremony memorable

In a wedding ceremony the main point is all about getting married of two individuals. But as being the country of celebrations, it is one of the biggest important ceremonies a person can ever organize. So important question is – How to make a wedding more memorable for your guests and you as well?


Here is the compiled list of really fun ideas, which will be enough for you to think out of the box to make a wedding ceremony like –


Set the seating style and arrangement of guests –

Generally the seating arrangement of the guests in a marriage is done in the linear style. It can be done in the circular style around couple, so that every guest can see them & get involved in ceremony. Proper chair-covers can be used on the chairs to beautify the settings.


sitting arrangement


Create cool door tags for guests –

If a destination wedding and out of the town wedding is being organized, and the guests are going to stay overnight, then cool door tags can also be organized for them.


door tags for guests


A powerful entrance of bride –

In the earlier days the bride was taken straight forward to the mandap or ceremony hall. But now the trends have started to change. The new trends include – bring bride on the chariot, entry of bride by making flower path, palki ride etc.


power entrance of bride


Working on catering ideas –

No wedding party is accomplished without food. Sometimes, it is needed more brainstorming from the both sides. Many food items and varieties can easily be researched online which would delight your guests at once.




Choose a divine and different decoration –

The decoration of the wedding venue also matters more for the guests because it is the thing which makes a wedding ceremony more special. You can research it online and also can discuss with your marriage organizer as well.


divine decoration


More focus on the main stage –  

There is really more need to focus on the main stage more than any other part of the wedding venue. Having a proper decoration with the proper use of curtains & flower designs, the main stage can be decorated very attractively.


main stage


Set a DJ request box –

Any marriage is incomplete with the proper music arrangements. This can be arranged by arranging the DJ request box, where every song can be played by taking the requests of the guests.


DJ request box


Decorate wedding canopy of mandap –

This is one of the most important places of the marriage, where the actual ceremony is going to take place. With the proper decoration of the flower vases on wedding canopy and accurate sitting arrangement, the mandap place can be decorated very effectively.


canopy decoration


Proper reception arrangements –

There is another important function of reception after wedding. With the proper sitting, meal hall and space arrangements, this function can be made very special and memorable.


reception handling


These are some compiled tips and tricks which will be definitely helpful for you to make your wedding ceremony more memorable and full of joy.

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