remove skin Color to support #blacklivematter remove skin Color to support #blacklivematter

Matrimony gaint SHAADI.COM has reportedly remove skin color filter as a part of their search in prospect partner

In repone to a online petition run by a NRI Indian Hetal Lakhani signed by over 1600 + people , has announced that they have removed the skin color filter in their search filters

Recently a movement called ” black lives matter ” after death of a black american citizen during police interrogation , after his death a movement started called black live matter and thousands of people gathered on street saying “I CAN’T BREATH ”  and black live matter slogans in United States and around world .

with above context a online petition has been started by Hetal Lakhani  , that matrimonial websites should remove these filters since they represent and promote racism , and social imbalance based on skin color

the petition reach and signed by over 1600 people in just a few hours and facing this backslash from user shaadi has decided to remove skin color filters

Now some people welcome this as positive step but on other side there are people that makes it their personal choice

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