Is you matrimonial script as per GoI rules?

Is you matrimonial script as per GoI rules?

Matrimonial market is increasing day by day

Lockdown has witness  huge turnaround in matrimonial business

Major matrimonial players like Bharat Matrimony , etc has reported a exponential growth in member activity during the lockdown period, you can read in previous article  here

Matrimony market is increasing not only for major industry player but also for the the size of market is increasing in terms of player , everyday almost 3-4 players are entering the market making it more tough to play around it .

Readymade matrimonial solutions have make it more easier for new player to enter the market ,one can easily find  a matrimonial script as per his/her choice , budget and features , Ranging from 2000 to 2.5 lakh ,  there are huge number matrimonial solution provider.

But there are few things that should be on your checklist while selecting a matrimonial script

Additionally  ministry of women and child development has also issued guidelines  that need to be followed by each matrimonial service provider

You can read those guidelines here

Here is a brief of these guidelines

  1. their must be a user agreement  with user’s intent
  2.  Confirmation that information provided by user is correct to best of his knowledge
  3. A well defined privacy policy
  4. Confirmation of Mobile / email with proper due diligence
  5. Certified true copy of identity proof to be uploaded on matrimonial websites
  6.  Service provider to make a declaration that it is matrimonial website and not a dating website
  7. Matrimonial website to make sure that they achieve the highest level of data security possible

These are  just the guidelines , following them is a good practice , but they are not compulsory to be  followed

Apart from these guidelines there are few more things that need to be checked before selecting a matrimonial script

  1. Check the technology and version of language  (Most vendors are selling php5.6 which is obsolete )
  2. Check the featureslist
  3. check wheather OTP mobile verification is present or not
  4. Script has PRI (call center API) enabled
  5. IS it App ready  (for android and iOS)
  6. Clientele
  7. Registration form and fields
  8. Database structure
  9. UI should be attractive
  10. Powerful admin panel
  11. REports and analytics
  12. Auto Match Making
  13. Astrological match making
  14. Post Sales Support

These are few things that need to be checked before selecting any matrimonial script 



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Lockdown – best time to start your matrimonial business

Lockdown – best time to start your matrimonial business

Lockdown proves havoc for majority of business ,

Many of them are on verge of existance ,travel industry is almost destroyed, hotel, resorts are as vacate as they were haunted . Skyrising airlines are on ground parked in their hangers since last few month

But on other hand there are many business that are reporting more growth , more revenue and exponential increase in their clientele  like , Grocerry , Medical safety production , specially maker of hand sanitizers ,PPE , face mask etc

but their is one more fields that claims a considerable growth since lock down

and that is


Yes, Indian matrimonial market witness a huge turnaround ratio in last few weeks since the lockdown is been enforced

Following are its main reason

  1. People are using their lockdown time to search a better match for them
  2. The time to respond from counterpart has decreased considerably since the other side is also more active on matrimonial as compared to normal working days due to lockdown , this decrease turnaround time
  3. In India marriage is a family affair , all elderly people are involved in decision making and lockdown provides a perfect scenario for family to sit together , eat together , spend quality time and meanwhile look for a prospect match for family member all together
  4. Online matrimonials , specially big players on the field have come up with specific idea and offers that makes partner search more convenient and overwhelming
    1. has offered free membership till lockdown
    2. introduced a unique idea of virtual wedding , with priest and all rituals to be performed online
    3. Jeevansaathi , bharatmatrimony are also facilitating  as per their plans
    4. Approx 350 + matrimonial platforms has stepped in the market with different marketing stategies

Still Need More clarification

Check what leading newspapers are talking about


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Best time to buymatrimonial script

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It seems that lockdown will prove a boom for online matrimonial business.


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Still Need more reasons to launch matrimonials

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